Stevens County Cat Care

P.O. Box 776

Chewelah, WA  99109

(509) 935-MEOW (6369)

Stevens County Cat Care is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We provide low-cost spay/neuter services for cats of low income residents of Stevens County, WA.

     We hold one spay/neuter clinic on one Sunday each month.                           Clinic locations vary.

Click on the “Clinic Events” button for upcoming clinic dates/locations.

Pre-registration is required for our spay/neuter clinics.
Call:   (509) 935-6369       

We have spayed/neutered over 11,500 cats with our one Sunday a month mobile clinics, using the same veterinarians who, the rest of the week, work in regular vet clinics and charge regular prices. Because we are volunteers, our costs are less. We charge our customers a small co-pay and the remainder of the cost is covered by small grants, the kindness of strangers, and donations from generous people like yourself.  

Our fees for spay/neuter are for the cats

of the LOW INCOME RESIDENTS of Stevens County

* Spays are $14.00 per female cat

   for low income residents of Stevens County, WA.

* Neuters are $ 8.00 per male cat

for low income residents of Stevens County, WA.

* See our ‘clinic events’ page for special deals.  Currently, we’ll fix mama kitty for free and her litter for half price if you bring them all in together BEFORE finding homes for the kittens.

In addition to our low cost spay/neuters:
  •  Fees include (at no additional cost) a 3-way vaccination for each cat.
  •  Each female cat also receives a pain shot which will lessen pain for approximately two days after surgery.
  •  There is NO EXTRA CHARGE is your cat is pregnant or in heat.
  • Yes, we fix feral cats! We can loan you live traps to use if you will TRAP, NEUTER, RETURN (TNR) the ferals to where you found them. (Ferals get a free rabies vaccination, are ear tipped, and also receive a tattoo in the other ear showing they had a rabies vaccination.) To qualify as a ‘free feral’ the cat must be feral at the time you trap it.  A feral kitten that has grown into a tame adult is no longer a feral cat.  Cats that allow you to handle them are not feral.
*Starting January 1, 2012 Washington State law changed regarding rabies vaccinations.  All owned dogs, cats and ferrets are required to have rabies shots.  We offer rabies shots to cats we spay/neuter for an additional $10.00, if you request one.