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*** BIG NEWS: Our Board has unanimously voted to go one step further to help curb our county’s cat population. If you bring the mama cat and her entire litter of young kittens (*young defined as still having baby teeth) to be spay/neutered before finding homes for the kittens, we’ll fix the mama for free and the whole litter of kittens will be 50% off!

Tribal Special: For those living on the reservations in our area, if you’ll pay $10.00 for the rabies vaccination, we’ll throw in the spay/neuter for free!


Our next meeting:

* Thursday March 28, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. in Colville

* Our meetings are the last Thursday of each month and alternate between Colville and Chewelah (except when Thanksgiving and/or Christmas cause us to back it up a Thursday).  Email  for the time and locations if you are interested in becoming a part of our team. We need new people!


2019 Schedule

Call (509) 935-MEOW (6369) to reserve space for your kitties


February 24, 2019– We spay/neutered 138 cats in 6 hours with the help of 4 vets, 5 vet techs and nearly 50 volunteers. Of course there was another 3 hours of clean up and putting supplies and equipment away, but it was a great day especially for our first clinic of 2019.

March 17, 2019– 161 kitties fixed with the help of 5 veterinarians, 5 vet techs and 51 volunteers!

April 7, 2019- Chewelah – Already full, but please call to get on the list for the next one or if someone cancels!

May 19, 2019 –

June 9, 2019 –

July 21, 2019 –

August 11, 2019 –

September 8, 2019 –

October 6, 2019 –

November 3, 2019 –

December – off-


1,581 cats fixed in 2018!

January 28, 2018 -Chewelah-  193 cats fixed at our first clinic of the year!

February 11, 2018 -Chewelah – 121 cats spay/neutered

March 4, 2018 -Chewelah- 170 cats spay/neutered

April 22, 2018  -Chewelah – 133 cats spay/neutered

May 20, 2018 -Chewelah – 132 cats spay/neutered

June 10, 2018 -Chewelah – 122 cats (mostly kittens) spay/neutered)

July 1st, 2018 -Chewelah – 110 cats spay/neutered

August 12, 2018 -Chewelah – 148 cats spay/neutered

September 16, 2018 – 174 cats spay/neutered.   WOW!  That’s 1,302 cats fixed so far this year at our one-Sunday-a-month clinics so the 17th cat we fix at our next clinic will be kitty # 16,000!

October 21, 2018 – Kettle Falls – 105 kitties were spay/neutered at the Gun Club.

November 11, 2018 – Chewelah – Thank you veterans! Our last clinic of the year was a huge success despite all the no-shows. It’s heartbreaking to turn away cats because we think we are overbooked and then a large number of those people don’t bother to come… and those spaces could have been filled by our waiting list of responsible people desperate to get their cats fixed. However, our team was able to spay/neuter 174 cats, making  2018 a very good year in which 1,581 cats will not be reproducing anymore!

Thank you to our volunteers who make all things possible. Only the licensed professionals are paid for their services,  (veterinarians and vet techs). The other 40+ people who make our clinics possible are volunteers.


Call (509) 935-MEOW (6369) and leave a message and a volunteer will return your call to schedule you for an upcoming clinic that…is not yet full!


1,538 cats fixed in 2017!

January 15, Kettle Falls- 146 cats spay/neutered

February 5, Kettle Falls- 95 cats spay/neutered

March 12, Chewelah- 201 cats spay/neutered 

(That’s a total of 13, 585 cats so far!)

April 9, Springdale- 128 cats spay/neutered

May 7, Chewelah- 109 cats fixed (HUGE no-show)

June 11, Chewelah- HUGE no-show, 87 cats fixed

July 9, 2017- 91 cats (Another big no show, but we fixed our 14,000th cat at this event!)

August 13, 2017- 160 cats!  WhooHoo!  Great Day!

September 10, 2017- 129 cats fixed

October 15, 2017  Chewelah- WOW!  205 cats spay/neutered!  What a day!

November 12, 2017  Chewelah- FULL

December 2017 – Winter Break – No clinic




Our mobile team spay/neutered 1,630 cats in 2016 for a total of 13,143 cats (total) at our mobile clinics since we started our one-Sunday-a-month clinics in 2006.

November 13th we spay/neutered 116 cats in Kettle Falls. We will be taking December off again this year.


The October clinic will be Sunday October 16th in Kettle Falls. It is already full. Even the November clinic is already booked solid, even though we do not even have a date or location for it yet. Because we normally take December off, the next available clinic will be in January. I’m sorry.


Sunday September 11th in Chewelah we spay/neutered another 147 cats. A large number of these were on our mother/kitten special so a lot of kittens will be going to their new homes already fixed! And 32 of the cats were ‘community cats’ or, as we call them… ‘ferals’.


Sunday August 14th we spay/neutered 158 cats in Chewelah.


Sunday July 17, 2016  we spay/neutered 116 cats in Chewelah


The last clinic was Sunday June 12th in Chewelah where we spay/neutered 170 cats!


On Sunday May 15th 2016 in Kettle Falls 103 cats arrived. We discovered 2 had been fixed previously so we ended the day with 101 kitties added to our list of the spayed and neutered!


Sunday April 10, 2016 in Kettle Falls we spay/neutered an even 100 cats!


March 20th in Springdale we spay/neutered 173 more cats which included celebrating the spay/neuter of our 12,000th cat with a cake and a lot of clapping and cheering! 


February 28, 2016 we fixed 84 ferals for the Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary. These cats were not welcome back where they had been living and are now with the Sanctuary and are in need of barn homes.

February 21, in Chewelah  we spay/neutered another 163 cats,


Sunday January 17, 2016 we started out the new year by spay/neutering 144 cats in the American Legion in Kettle Falls.



Our spay/neuter total for 2015 was 1,465

with an overall total of 11, 513 cats spay/neutered  over 10 years

Sunday November 8, 20015 we spay/neutered 153 kitties at the Legion in Kettle Falls. We are taking December off.


October 11, 2015 we were at the Chewelah Civic Center and fixed 166 more kitties!


At our September 13, 2015 in Chewelah  we spay/neutered 149 cats.  This put us at 11,130 kitties spay/neutered total. We celebrated the 11,000th cat as we do every thousandth cat…with a photo, a cake, clapping and cheering and then got right back to work on the next cat!


The August 16th clinic was cancelled because of the fires in our county.


Sunday, July 26, 2015 our team spay/neutered 164 cats at the Chewelah Civic Center.  Five veterinarians, 3 veterinary technicians and about 35 volunteers worked almost non-stop checking in cats, spay/neutering, cleaning out ear mites, giving vaccinations, scrubbing and sterilizing surgical instruments, and of course…cleaning up a ton of cat hair after we were finished.  We are delighted that owners are starting to bring small kittens to us to fix prior to them finding them homes. Because our mom/kitten special is so popular, we will be extending it a few more months. So bring us the mom and her kittens before finding them homes and we’ll spay the mom for free and the kittens for half price!


Sunday, June 14, 2015 our team spay/neutered another 142 kitties at the Chewelah Civic Center. We had a great day with 5 veterinarians, 3 vet techs and approximately 30 volunteers working together for the good of our community. This brings our over all total up to 10,817 cats fixed….which means possibly in July, but more likely in August, we will fix our 11,000th cat. 


Sunday May 3, in Kettle Falls we had a smaller than normal clinic with only 64 cats out of 110 showing up. But, it was Bloomsday and there were several community wide yard sale events, so people were busy. Then 4 out of the 64 were discovered to have a green tattoo on their stomachs, showing they had already been fixed, so our grand total for the day was 60 cats…  bringing our overall grand total up to 10,675 cats spay/neutered!


Sunday April 12, 2015 we were in Springdale. 102 more kitties were spay/neutered, meaning so far this year in just 4 clinics we have already fixed 567 cats! 


Sunday March 15, 2015  in Chewelah, with 5 veterinarians doing spay surgeries and 2 vet techs handling anesthesia, and another vet doing neuters and ‘floating’ as needed, 148 more kitties were fixed, including a large number of ferals. 


Sunday, February 15, 2015 we were in Chewelah- Our volunteers team spay/ne3utered 160 cats at the Civic Center!  Despite the nasty flu bug keeping a few key people home, we had a great day which also included a Valentine special with a lot of males being done for free.


(Sunday) The January 18th 2015 clinic was in Kettle Falls and we spay/neutered 157 cats!  What a great way to start the new year!



(Sunday) November 16th 2014 was in Chewelah where we spay/neutered our 10,000th cat!

THE STORY OF TEN THOUSAND CATS-   This story actually began ten years ago in 2005, when Chewelah’s fairy cat mother, Lorraine Schanzenbach took some sick, dying cats she had rescued from a sad situation to Dr. Kam. Sadly, the cats had to be euthanized. During the office call, they talked about how badly Stevens County needed affordable spay/neuter services for the low income residents. Lorraine went home and talked to her husband Bill and the first steps towards making Stevens County Cat Care a reality began to happen.

Fast forward a year. Nine years ago, the group was in its beginning stages with monthly meetings at Polanski’s pizza in Chewelah. We held yard sales and fund raisers to earn money to offer spay/neuter coupons for people to be able to afford to get their cats fixed at the local veterinary clinics. And at the October meeting of that year, something else happened that would change our group forever. Dr. Tami showed up for a meeting and kept coming back!

Eight years ago, our little group heard about a sad situation in Springdale. No lights, no indoor plumbing…but they had 40 cats. As we prepared to take the 40 cats, we wondered how we were going to be able to afford to get them fixed. Dr. Tami offered to spay/neuter them for us for free, but because she was a mobile vet doing home visits, she had no place to fix the cats. So we cleaned off the ping pong table in Lorraine’s garage and Dr. Tami proceeded to start fixing cats. We stood there and watched her, and because it’s hard for me to stay quiet, about the 3rd cat, I couldn’t stand it any longer and I asked if there was something we could do to help. The rest is history. She taught us to hold cats for anesthesia, and shave and scrub and monitor and recover cats. Dr. Kam came and helped with several of the cats too. With the support of both Dr. Tami and Dr. Kam, we began to feel like we could accomplish something, but we really didn’t know what yet.

Seven years ago, we were feeling so good about our little accomplishments and with the support of our two lady vets, we wanted to go bigger. We wanted to hold a large spay/neuter clinic that would be open to the public. But we didn’t have enough equipment. Dr. Tami only had equipment for one vet, not multiple vets! So we called Pet Savers in Spokane and asked their director, Sue Anderson, if they would loan us equipment for our first clinic. They not only loaned us equipment, but brought along volunteers to help us learn the ropes of handling large numbers of cats and people. We fixed 128 cats that day in the old Youth Center in Chewelah. We were on cloud 9 for days! We were ready to tackle the world! Therefore, we learned to write grants and got the money to purchase the necessary equipment and it wasn’t long before we started holding regular clinics.

Now, all good stories need a hero, and this story has a lot of them because every one of our volunteers is a hero. We could not possibly have accomplished all that we have without each and every one of our volunteers. Every single volunteer is important to our team because we would not even be a team without them. We couldn’t fix cats without our veterinarians, and they couldn’t do all the other work that is being done at our clinics without us. Every single one of our volunteers is what makes us successful.

So, how successful are we? Sunday, November 16, 2014, Stevens County Cat Care spay/neutered our 10,000th cat. It was a cold day and the line of shivering cat owners clutching cat carriers extended from the door of the Chewelah Civic Center clear out to the street. With transporters fanning the doors nearly nonstop, the furnace ran almost constantly as 170 of the 188 scheduled cats arrived. Two veterinary technicians evaluated and anesthetized cats while five veterinarians spayed and neutered cats almost nonstop for seven and a half hours, fixing a total of 167 cats (and then spending 2 hours cleaning up the building and helping to load everything in the trailer.)

We needed 119 cats to make 10,000 and the 119th cat was a huge fluffy Persian that the Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary had brought. We spay/neuter a lot of cats for the Sanctuary, which helps them keep their costs down. They are a non-profit just like we are and we also share a lot of the same volunteers. Animal people are at a premium in our county and most of us wear multiple ‘hats’. Several of the veterinarians stood together with the cat for a quick photo. (I have a photo of every ‘thousandth’ cat that we have done.) Then suddenly someone thought to check for the kitty’s ‘equipment’….and they were not there! He had apparently been neutered by some previous owner before being relinquished to the Sanctuary. So because we didn’t need to fix him after all, he quickly lost his status as the 10,000th cat and the next cat suddenly had a new title. A female kitty named Amanda became the 10,000th cat, posing for her photo with a smiling Nancy Rose, president and kennel manager of the Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary.

Did we celebrate? As with each thousandth cat, we enjoyed a huge cake, donated by our president, Maggie Dickinson, to enjoy with our usual potluck lunch. And I admit, each of us probably glowed rather proudly for the rest of the day. But other than that, we pretty much just started on the next thousand. And our new total, by the way, is ten thousand….and forty eight!


(Sunday) October 19th  2014 in Kettle Falls. 153 kitties were spay/neutered at this clinic which means at our next clinic, if enough cats show up, the 119th one will be our 10,000th cat! 


(Sunday) September 14th  2014 we spay/neutered 156 in Kettle Falls, bring us up to 1,158 so far in 2014 and 9,728 total! 


 (Sunday) August 17th 2014 we spay/neutered 149 cats in Chewelah (yes, for the 3rd month in a row.) 


(Sunday) July 20, 2014 in Chewelah we spay/neutered 163 cats!  Great clinic with lots of great volunteers and veterinarians helping, which brought our overall total up to 9, 433!  We did a July ‘Special’ – in which any veteran showing  proof he/she was/is in the military could get one cat fixed free, and while only 4 veterans took us up on it, we were happy!  We were also pretty much flooded with litters of kittens, which shows more and more people are being educated to the simple fact that if they get their kittens fixed before finding a home for them, the cycle ends here!  So we fixed several mama cats for free and their litters for half price.  Yep, good clinic, real good clinic. 


** (Sunday) June 22nd in Chewelah. This was a Father’s Day $5.00 Special: All male cats were $5.00 and we included a 3-way and rabies vaccination in that amazingly low $5.00 price! And guess what happened?  We had 162 cats booked and had to turn away people, and then……113 actually showed up. Of that 113, some were already fixed and the owners didn’t know it and there were some kittens just too small. So our grand total for the day was 99 cats fixed. Four veterinarians, one tech and almost 30 other volunteers gave up a Sunday and 1/3 of those who had made reservations didn’t even show up. It’s a good thing we’re dedicated because that’s a bit depressing.


** (Sunday) May 18th 2014 in Springdale. We spay/neutered 108 cats. This was an unusual clinic in that we had a lot of different people helping. Because of prior commitments, some of our regular veterinarians were unable to be with us (including our regular favorite lady vet Dr. Kam, who is out having recently had a double mastectomy when a routine mammogram showed the unthinkable. Ladies!  Go get regular mammograms!!!) However, even with different vets and several new volunteers, the team pulled together and had a really good day!  Thank you Springdale for having us there, for charging us less than any other town for using your facility, and special thanks to Leora, the Springdale Grange Mistress, who always comes and has the tables all set up in the right spots when we get there the night before to set up equipment!


** (Sunday) April 13 2014 in Kettle Falls. It was a short day with only 71 cats showing up to be fixed. However…WhooHoo!…..we spay/neutered our 9,000 cat today!  Thank you vets and volunteers for working together to make this happen!


** (Sunday) March 23, in Chewelah.  150 kitties spay/neutered at this event!  This brings our total number up to 8981, which means we will fix our 9,000th cat at our next clinic! We finished early, thanks to extra veterinarian support, and were finished with tear down, load up and clean up and able to lock up and leave by 6:30 p.m. Thank you to all our volunteers who helped make the day a success! We even had a young couple drive clear from Spokane Valley to spend the day with us, helping and hoping to start a similar type group in their area. We wish them all the best. 


** (Sunday) February 16,  also in Kettle falls. 140 out of the 143 cats that came today were spay/neutered. The other 3 were already done, much to the surprise of their new owners!


** (Sunday) January 19th  2014 in Kettle Falls. Our first clinic of the year had a great turn out, with lots of volunteers, 4 veterinarians and 1 vet tech working with us to spay/neuter 121 cats! This brings our over all total up to 8,691 so far.


It takes a village! Without volunteers our clinics cannot continue to be successful. We need volunteers to help with paperwork, scrub surgical instruments, scrub cat crates, move cats and/or crates from station to station during clinics, and to help cats wake up during recovery. Don’t worry, no one will ever be asked to do anything they are not comfortable with. If you are interested in helping at our one-Sunday-a-month-mobile-clinics, please email or call Maggie at (509) 738-6895. You must be at least 18 years of age and be willing to follow instructions.